Presentation Ideas

  1. Activity – give each table a different recipe and have them modify it based on a theme. They pick their own theme – can be anything – and they’re allowed to change anything from ingredients to instructions. End result doesn’t have to be feasible (for example, they can do Unbroken-style and change flour to cement or leave everything raw)
  2. Food to bring – chocolate chip something (like all the recipes), most likely cookies or muffins and preferably unique from the recipes provided
  3. Materials needed – 6 different but somewhat related recipes (1 for each table), food, music
  4. Intro – when following recipes to cook, you often are lacking certain, oddly specific ingredients the recipe calls for. Luckily, you can usually switch these for other, more common ingredients. Or you can just swap ingredients if you feel like experimenting.
  5. Recipe options – chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip banana bread, chocolate pancakes, chocolate chip cheesecake, mint chocolate chip yogurt pops, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, mint chocolate chip pie
  6. Scheduling – 3 min for intro, instructions, and setup, 10 minutes to tweak recipes, 7 minutes for all the tables to present to the class
  7. Music – Gordon Ramsay related (Daydreams, Gordon Ramsay’s Platoon)
  8. Grouping students – split by tables, send one person to choose the recipe, decide on the theme and changes together as a group

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